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who is elijah - NOMAD - 10ml

who is elijah

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Sweet like a one-way ticket. Grounded like the moment you arrive. 

elijah’s most evolved scent yet. Hard to pin down, this earthy fragrance is both rich and tantalisingly playful.  

From flirtatious first spritz to a grounded settled scent, get ready to go on a journey when wearing this exotic perfume. When first applied, a floral hint of Bulgarian rose delights the senses while full bodied amberwood makes a lasting impression even after it has dried down. 

Like the Gemini zodiac, this spirited scent has many facades. Deliciously sweet on one hand, comfortingly earthy on the other. 

Top notes of Egyptian jasmine and leathery saffron intermingle seamlessly with dry amber, cedar and musk at the base. Wear NOMAD when you’re in the mood to keep them on their toes or go on an aromatic adventure. 

Inspired by the thrilling anonymity of never staying in one place for too long, or the endless possibilities of a one-way ticket to somewhere exotic.



Egyptian Jasmine, Saffron, Almond


Amberwood, Bulgarian Rose, Ambergris


Fir Resin, Cedar, Moss, Dry Amber, Musk 

About the Brand

The independently owned fragrance house- who is elijah, was established in two-thousand and eighteen, rapidly growing and defying conventions ever since. They are daring to be different and demanding attention by redefining the norm.

who is elijah occupies a previous gap in the luxury parfum industry, built on cruelty free, gender fluid foundations and hand-filled in Sydney.

Their scents are ephemeral and monochromatic elements symbolise our clean-cut, modernist aesthetic.

They embody quintessential minimalism.

who is elijah eau de parfums blur the lines of masculinity and femininity.

They demand to be worn by everybody, everywhere.

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