Women’s Day-to-Night Wear

Our team prioritises style, comfort, flexibility and quality when sourcing our range of go-to brands, curating some of the world’s leading women’s fashion brands.

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With a focus on wardrobe pieces that can transition from your professional to personal life, we’re dedicated to bringing our small New Zealand-based community the very best and most unique pieces women’s fashion has to offer.

Wide Leg Pants: Good for the Office, Great for the Bar

With a clothing line including pieces from Eb & Ice, ABrand, Foxwood, Neue Denim, Elm and more, our team always go out of their way to source high-quality women’s wear that can fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, no matter the occasion.

Looking for pants, jumpsuits, or wide legged pants? Consider:

  • Denim: A go-to that never fails for long-lasting, investment-worthy pieces, most offices will accommodate women’s jeans (even on Fridays!), ensuring that you can transition easily from day to night.
  • Cotton: Soft, comfortable and full of stretch, women’s fashion lines are reprioritising cotton as a wardrobe staple for wearing both at home and in the office.
  • Linen: An essential wardrobe staple, linen clothing is soft, comfortable, increases in character and durability over time, and can help regulate body temperature even on the warmest of days.
  • Pantsuits: Also referred to as jumpsuits, these year-round pieces can be paired with a blazer for a quick work outfit, while bare shoulders can help you transition to a more casual lifestyle during the warmer months.
  • Wide Legged Pants: Nothing says comfort, style and staying cool more so than a pair of wide slacks. Dressed up with a leather slide for the workplace, or paired with a casual knit to go out on the weekends, these pants can help you stay comfortable and on-style.

Our team believes in dreaming big and acting local. We look to the global fashion community to source all the leading trends and styles, then bring them back to New Zealand.

Sourcing quality pieces worldwide to bring curated fashion to our local market, we believe that our small store has a style and piece for every conscious consumer.

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