Denim Wardrobe Staples – Women’s Jeans and Essentials

Need a sturdy pair of denim to take you from day to night? Our curated women’s jeans collection embraces all shapes, sizes, and every stage of life. From mid-rise jeans to everything in between – we prioritise high-quality brands that value function and design when putting together our selection.

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Working with global brands and bringing them close to home, our team only partners with brands we believe in, know and love. Each company we work with is a brand we’re proud to stand by. By keeping our eyes open to worldwide trends and bringing the industry's best closer to home, we believe that our small, tight-knit New Zealand based community can take advantage of leading fashion trends without travelling far from home.

On the hunt for your next wardrobe staple? Consider some of these denim brands we have on offer.

Mum’s Jeans and More

Our high-quality brands can become your next wardrobe staple. We only select denim and women’s fashion that prioritises function, aesthetic and design. These include:

  • ABrand
  • Neuw Denim
  • Style Laundry
  • LTB

We appreciate how challenging it can be to find a great fitting pair of women’s denim to turn to everyday. By partnering with superior quality brands, we strive to offer a range of accessible sizes, shapes and materials so that every woman can find her perfect pair.

Bringing Global Women’sFashion Closer to Home

As a one-stop-shop (and online women’s boutique) that brings the New Zealand community everything from fashion, footwear, casual pants, children’s books, toys and homewares, we strive to be a unique source for your whole family. With nation-wide flat rate shipping, our team can be your go-to boutique or a local stopping point for unique and quality gifts.

Feel free to speak with our friendly team about accommodating to your style and sizes. Wanting every piece from us to become a staple item in your wardrobe, we’re happy to walk you through the unique sizing chart of each denim brand to make sure you bring home your next pair of favourite jeans.

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