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Tiger Tribe - Mash Up Colouring Set - Monster Mash

Tiger Tribe

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Mash-Up Colouring Set - Monster Mash introduces kids to a brilliantly illustrated mix and match of motley monsters.

A fun new addition to Tiger Tribe’s best selling range of cleverly illustrated colouring sets, the spiral-bound flip pages can be coloured in to create 32 monsters or mix them up to create infinite mash-ups. You can even draw your own heads, bodies and legs on the blank pages provided.

Switch and swap the pages to create your own crazy creatures. With no right or wrong combinations (but loads of silly ones) Monster Mash is perfect for open-ended play.

Tiger Tribe's activity sets are packed full of play value. Thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy, compact magnetic sealed box, these premium kits are designed for mess-free portable play, keeping little ones engaged while travelling on flights, in cars, at cafes or during quiet time at home.

They're the ultimate in unplugged, screen-free gifts for kids, promoting mindfulness and proven relaxation and de-stressing effects. Age 4+.

Mash-Up Colouring Set - Monster Mash contains:

• 32 spiral bound colouring pages
• 4 blank flip pages to draw your own monster bits
• 10 markers

• handy storage box 

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